TURKDERM: 51 (2)
Volume: 51  Issue: 2 - 2017
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Page 31 (91 accesses)

2.Resistance status of antibiotics in Gram-positive bacteria isolated from acne lesions in İstanbul
Bilal Doğan, Bayhan Bektöre, Ercan Karabacak, Mustafa Özyurt
doi: 10.4274/turkderm.23169  Pages 32 - 36 (167 accesses)

3.The role of uric acid in metabolic syndrome in patients with psoriasis
Berna Solak, Bahar Sevimli Dikicier, Teoman Erdem
doi: 10.4274/turkderm.55265  Pages 37 - 40 (130 accesses)

4.Joint diagnosis of pediatric and dermatology clinics: Prospective observation of thirtynine patients with hand, foot and mouth disease
İbrahim Hakan Bucak, Birgül Tepe, Habip Almiş, Ahmet Köse, Mehmet Turgut
doi: 10.4274/turkderm.22804  Pages 41 - 45 (138 accesses)

5.Impact of intense pulse light on quality of life in patients with erythematotelangiectatic rosacea
Mehdi Iskandarli, İlgen Ertam, İdil Ünal
doi: 10.4274/turkderm.69008  Pages 46 - 51 (133 accesses)

6.Fatal anaplastic lymphoma kinase positive anaplastic large cell lymphoma presenting with cutaneous lesions: A case report
Funda Bapur Erduran, Esra Adışen, Nalan Akyürek, Mehmet Ali Gürer
doi: 10.4274/turkderm.76148  Pages 52 - 55 (126 accesses)

7.Gougerot-Carteaud syndrome treated with acitretin: A case report
Betül Demir, Sultan Ağar, Özge Sevil Karstarlı, Demet Çiçek, Özlem Üçer
doi: 10.4274/turkderm.18559  Pages 56 - 58 (127 accesses)

8.Lichen striatus occurring after a tetanus vaccine: A case report
Ayşegül Yalçınkaya İyidal, Kadir Balaban, Arzu Kılıç
doi: 10.4274/turkderm.47700  Pages 59 - 61 (119 accesses)

9.How to perform a biopsy for nail disorders?
Fatih Göktay, Güldehan Atış
doi: 10.4274/turkderm.67934  Pages 62 - 65 (203 accesses)

10.What is your diagnosis?
Berna Aksoy, Hasan Mete Aksoy, Onat Akın
doi: 10.4274/turkderm.34437  Pages 66 - 67 (140 accesses)

11.The 9th Dermatology Spring Symposium from the Viewpoint of a Resident

Pages 68 - 70 (117 accesses)