E-ISSN 2651-5164 / Print-ISSN 2717-6398
TURKDERM - Turkish Archives of Dermatology and Venereology - Turkderm-Turk Arch Dermatol Venereol: 53 (3)
Volume: 53  Issue: 3 - 2019

Pages I - IX

2.Evaluation of ischemia-modified albumin levels in acne vulgaris patients
Gülhan Gürel, Müjgan Karadöl, Ceylan Bal, Salim Neselioğlu, Emine Çölgeçen
doi: 10.4274/turkderm.galenos.2019.71224  Pages 84 - 87

3.Demographic findings of patients diagnosed with pernio and comparison of their vitamin B12, folate and ferritin levels with a control group
Ebru Karagün, Sevim Baysak
doi: 10.4274/turkderm.galenos.2018.27576  Pages 88 - 92

4.Effect of pulsed dye laser therapy on dermatology quality of life in patients with rosacea
Serkan Demirkan
doi: 10.4274/turkderm.galenos.2019.68726  Pages 93 - 96

5.Erythrasma frequency in patients with interdigital maceration
Dursun Türkmen, Gamze Türkoğlu
doi: 10.4274/turkderm.galenos.2019.05926  Pages 97 - 100

6.The efficacy of adalimumab therapy in refractory hidradenitis suppurativa: Retrospective analysis
Meltem Türkmen
doi: 10.4274/turkderm.galenos.2019.58295  Pages 101 - 105

7.Nail dermoscopy findings in childhood psoriasis
Melike Kibar Öztürk, İlkin Zindancı, Betül Sözeri
doi: 10.4274/turkderm.galenos.2019.34392  Pages 106 - 112

8.Spontaneous regression of pediatric extragenital lichen sclerosus: A case report
Atiye Oğrum, Pervin Dürer
doi: 10.4274/turkderm.galenos.2018.08634  Pages 113 - 115

9.A case of tinea corporis with endothrix type hair involvement
Dursun Türkmen
doi: 10.4274/turkderm.galenos.2018.10179  Pages 116 - 118

10.İdiopathic palmoplantar filiform hyperkeratosis succesfully treated with systemic isotretinoin
Selma Korkmaz, İjlal Erturan, Başak Filiz, Nermin Karahan, İbrahim Metin Çiriş, Mehmet Yıldırım
doi: 10.4274/turkderm.galenos.2018.34466  Pages 119 - 121

11.Vestibular papillomatosis mimicking genital warts in a pregnant woman
Atiye Oğrum, Hatice Yılmaz Doğru
doi: 10.4274/turkderm.galenos.2018.47701  Pages 122 - 124

12.Is Radiofrequency Really Effective in Rejuvenation?
Arzu Görgülü Eraslan
doi: 10.4274/turkderm.galenos.2019.01058  Pages 125 - 127
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