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Turkderm - Turkish Archives of Dermatology and Venereology

There are very few periodicals that have been published in our country about dermatology. Here, instead of listing the periodicals, I preferred to give in little notes the development of Turkderm-Turkish Archives of Dermatology and Venereology, which we see as the one with the longest duration and which is the most important periodical.

  • Journal of Society of Dermatology and Syphilology of Istanbul

  • It is the first dermatology periodical that has been printed in Turkish with Arabic letters. It has been published half in French and the other half in Turkish by the society that was founded in 1919. It started to be published on 15th, April 1337 (1921) and could only be printed for 6 copies. The editor of the periodical was Omer Abdurrahman. Among the writers of the newsletter, there were doctors of medicine such as Hulusi Behcet, Menahem Hodara, Sukru Mehmet Sekban, Emil Orfanidis, Muallim Ali Riza. Some of the subjects that were covered are as follows: "Standard Treatment for Syphilis" "The Affects of Corrosive Sublimate on Normal Skin, Results and Conclusion", "Columns about Health Issues Addressing the Public", "The Issue of Syphilis and Marriage".

  • Turkderm-Turkish Archives of Dermatology and Venereology: The periodical that started to be published again on 1934 by Prof. Dr. Hulusi Behcet continued until 1948 which is the date of his death. In this periodical which was perfect as of content and quality, there were all kinds of special studies and works as well as the national and international associations and meetings and information beyond death that were widely covered.

  • Turkderm-Turkish Archives of Dermatology and Venereology: It has been published since 1963 as the publication of Society of Dermatovenerology and Venereology in Istanbul. The Archive is thus the longest periodical to be published. It also had society news, biography and beyond death sections that formed an important source in the history of dermatology. The late doctors such as Kemal Turgut, Cevat Sargin and Prof. Dr. Nevzat Oke as well as Prof. Dr. Faruk Nemlioglu have had great contributions to the improvement of the periodical that was published with a white card board cover between 1963 and 1980.

  • After the efforts of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Adem Koslu and Specialist Dr. Yalcin Tuzun in 1980, the periodical was published for 9 years with the new order and yellow cover over which there was the logo of the association, it continued 2 more years with Hulusi Behcet logo on blue card board cover.

  • Turkderm: After 1992, important changes have been made in our magazine. Both the sizes changed and also double column publication started. A nice picture of Prof. Dr. Hulusi Behcet was used on the cover as the logo. From time to time, it was printed in colour.

  • Our archive which reached international standards with this feature was included in "Excerpta Medica" as a result of the initiatives. For this reason, the name "Turkderm" was added to the archive. I would like to state the contributions of Prof. Dr. Agop Kotogyan who was in the administration of the association and especially Prof. Dr. Yalcin Tuzun, the editor of the magazine. Finally, our archive was renewed latest in 1998. The cover was changed with the dominance of grey and red colors, including the logo of the association. The archive which was also changed in format accepts articles on issues Editorial, Review, Study, Case report, Continuing Education and Short Reports. And then again for the first time, the publication and the distribution of the periodical was left to the professionals. Galenos Publishing Industry and Commerce Ltd. Company continue this duty very well under the supervision of The Society of Dermatovenerology. We owe our gratitude to the President of the Association Prof. Dr. Ertugrul Aydemir and Editor Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nahide Onsun who provided our archive to be published periodically in 4 issues by sparing some of their time. As can be seen, the improvement of our archive that has a history of more than 80 years has been through some phases. Of course, it has not been easy. We are also thankful to all those who put an effort for their support and help other than our colleagues who have been mentioned. Besides, the long life of our magazine has been possible as a result of the professional and social excitement of its members. I wish that these self-sacrificing services provide an example for the future generations and that they perform even more perfectly when they are given the duty.

With regards,

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Adem Koslu
Sisli Etfal Training and Research Hospital, Chief of Dermatology Clinic

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