E-ISSN 2651-5164 / Print-ISSN 2717-6398
Journal of Turkderm TURKDERM - Turkish Archives of Dermatology and Venereology - Turkderm-Turk Arch Dermatol Venereol: 57 (1)
Volume: 57  Issue: 1 - 2023

Pages I - VI

2.Effect of the coronavirus disease-2019 pandemic on the follow-up and treatment of patients with rosacea
Murat Durak, Özgür Gündüz
doi: 10.4274/turkderm.galenos.2022.32020  Pages 1 - 5

3.Is there a relationship between serum vitamin D levels and onychomycosis?
Zuhal Metin, Koray Durmaz
doi: 10.4274/turkderm.galenos.2023.52959  Pages 6 - 8

4.Evaluation of knowledge and attitudes of the faculty of medicine students about human papillomavirus infections, related cancers, and human papillomavirus vaccines
Zührenur Yağan, Aysun Aldanmaz, Tahir Ertuğrul, Zeynep Beyza Tolan, Adnan Menderes Bilgiç, Aslı Bilgiç
doi: 10.4274/turkderm.galenos.2023.31899  Pages 9 - 15

5.Clinical examination and demographic characteristics of 277 patients with psoriasis
Nur Ecer, Metin Ecer, Derya Uçmak
doi: 10.4274/turkderm.galenos.2023.00921  Pages 16 - 23

6.Trends in the number of patients with cutaneous melanoma and their Breslow thicknesses between 2000 and 2018: A tertiary hospital-based study in İstanbul
Zehra Tacizer Kılınç, Şirin Yaşar, Pembegül Güneş, Fatih Göktay
doi: 10.4274/turkderm.galenos.2023.36675  Pages 24 - 29

7.Reactivation of morphea following mRNA coronavirus disease-2019 vaccination
Malik Güngör, Aslı Bilgiç
doi: 10.4274/turkderm.galenos.2023.22208  Pages 30 - 33

8.Histopathological nail-clipping examination for the diagnosis of isolated childhood nail psoriasis: A case report
Muazzez Çiğdem Oba, Çiğdem Dicle Arıcan, Fatih Göktay
doi: 10.4274/turkderm.galenos.2022.25205  Pages 34 - 35
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9.Effective drug delivery of intradermal tranexamic acid in the treatment of melasma
Nikita Muhutdinov, Ilnur Yagudin, Anna Kochetygova, Elmira Shangareeva, Evelina Sakhbiyeva
doi: 10.4274/turkderm.galenos.2022.06702  Pages 36 - 37
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